- Roy Sheppard - World Class Specialist Conference Moderator, Speaker, Coach, Networking expert and Author. Roy has moderated conferences for 50,000 people, he's been a BBC news anchor, he's calm under pressure and brings ideas to the table. He endeavours to make your event a success. - Specialises in creating high quality video for our clients, maximising a clients reputation to deliver commercial and competitive advantage.
   - The young professionals network, building the foundations for future success. Offering business networking opportunities, video coaching and mentoring from experts within business. - It is important for journalists to be able to find high-calibre, knowledgeable people to interview. This service puts journalists in touch with people who are prepared to be 'sources'.
   - Is a free freelancing resource with many outstanding experts, on video, on demand. Extensively tapping into high calibre experienced business people to help you grow your business knowledge. This vast resource of 1000's of videos ranging from coaching to personal finance will help you earn more, keep more & attract better clients. - Is a shop that brings together all the products that Roy has available. Ranging from books to audio tapes and CD's.
   - A self help book that chronicles how unscrupulous women target and abuse innocent, gentle men, women and children. Raising awareness so that men are no longer fearful of marriage. - You see someone who catches your eye in the supermarket or a bar etc. There's something 'special' about them. But you do nothing. Try just handing them a "WOW". They can keep the card to remind themselves that they've been appreciated.
  And just for fun...  
   - Think of life as a collander. You work hard, pouring money in at the top, to find that most of it leaks out through those holes in the sides! This website includes countless tips and ideas to help you block up those holes - without feeling deprived in any way. - I have made the decision to do something about my weight  – to lose 30 pounds and be fit and healthy by the end of 2008. This website documents my journey in a blog.